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Heimer Oktoberfest Menu 2023

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Our Oktoberfest Specialties

½ Fresh bavarian rotisserie chicken 

½ Fresh rotisserie duck 

Traditional side dishes we recommend:


1 potato dumpling with duck sauce 

        Red cabbage       

Other Chef Specials

Grilled turkey breast with pasta, curry sauce and vegetables 

Fried turkey breast strips with rice 

A portion of bavarian fried chicken on a bed of lettuce 

Curry chicken breast with rice 

Soup That Keeps You Warm

Soup of the day (ask your waiter) 

Clear chicken broth (soup) with noodles

Big chicken terrine             

with chicken strips, noodles and mixed vegetables

Our Selection Of Salads

Large plate of salad with chicken stripes

Large plate of mixed salad 


Small plate of mixed salad


Choice of sides: Potato, tomato, cucumber or celery salad 

Say: Cheese

Traditional bavarian cream cheese 

(Obazda) with bread 

Cheese cubes with bread


Cheese platter (assortment of cheese - per person)

Bavarian small pretzel 


Rolled torpedo dumplings (Schupfnudeln) with sauerkraut

Potato cake (similar to hashbrowns) with apple sauce 

Spetzle with melted cheese, and a small salad on the side 


Quinoa Strudel with tomato sauce 


(the german version of Ravioli)

with a small salad on the side         

Lunch Offer, Lunch Menu

¼  Fresh rotisserie duck
your choice of: a potato dumpling covered with duck sauce
(Kartoffelknödel mit Entensauce) OR red cabbage (Blaukraut)
1 x Wheat beer from Paulaner (Weissbier) 0,5 l

1 x 0,5 l non alcoholic softdrink (no wine possible)

Available from Mon-Fri until 4 pm. No weekends.


Our Oktoberfest Beer 

Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest beer (1 l, 33.8 oz) 

Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest radler (beer & lemon soda) (1 l, 33.8 oz) 

Alcohol free beer served per liter (1 l, 33.8 oz) 

Wheat beer from Paulaner 0,5 l      


Sparkling water / Lemon soda                                         

Sparkling apple juice drink                                               

Cola orange soda mix                                                   

White wine (Grüner Veltliner, Austria)                  

Weinschorle (white wine / water mix)                      

Red wine ( Blauer Zweigelt, Austria)                         

Pear schnaps Williams                       

Anno 1940 Hazelnut schnaps (Tauernschnaps)      

Anno 1940 Currant schnaps (Tauernschnaps)        


Prosecco D.O.C. Veneto / Italy                        

Aperol Spritz 10,5% Vol. Alc.                               

Mionetto “Il Hugo”  8 % Vol. Alc.                         

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